Welcome! This is a journal of my path from average dad and amatuer homebrewer with a couple of rental houses to passive real estate investor. So draw a pint and come along. Let me know when you need a refill …

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I’m Greg. I started flipping houses a few years ago. I started brewing beer a few years ago. I like doing both. I’m also a pilot, surfer, bbq pit guy, shade tree auto mechanic, amateur philosopher, TikTok voyeur and sometimes a really bad carpenter. But houses and beer are fun to talk about.


2. How We Got Here

Hi everyone! Welcome to House Flipping on Tap – blog post number two! To start off, I’m going to talk about how I went from wanting to get into real estate to running my own business, Greg Buys Houses. Catchy name, right?  Before I get into that, I should tell you what I’m drinking. I’ve …


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