1. Welcome To My Blog

Hey! I’m Greg, and if you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re a friend of mine and I begged you to read it. Either way, welcome! This is the first post for my blog House-Flipping on Tap!

About Greg

A little bit about me… I’ve been an accidental landlord, I’ve been an intentional landlord, I’ve flipped houses, and I’ve recently gotten into this little thing called wholesaling. I’ll get back to that later. Another thing I do is brew beer. So, I was thinking, hey, I like beer. I like to talk about things while I’m drinking beer. Maybe I can turn this into a regular thing.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to create a blog where I combine the two. And so, House-Flipping on Tap is born! 

I would like to make this blog a regular thing and get to the point where I can have real conversations with actual people on here, For now, it’s just me and my dogs… and they don’t talk very much (unless you ring the doorbell).

Anyways, welcome and bienvenue – let’s get started!

The Beer

The beer I have with me tonight is a beer by Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville called Florida Peeler. Cheers! 

What Can I Expect?

So, what can you expect from House-Flipping on Tap? The shortest answer to that question is… nothing. Hopefully, a little bit of entertainment, possibly something that triggers an idea, or produces a thought that makes you feel like you need to talk back. That’s what the comments down below are for! You can ask me questions you may have about house flipping or anything else that comes to mind. But, just to start off, this blog is just a kind of catalog for the journey I’ve taken so far. 

So, in the next few posts, you’re going to see some before and after pictures of projects I’ve done, a little bit of me talking about how I got into the business I’m in right now, and some of the money and funding aspect of it all. 

The Community

I would just like this blog to become a community of folks who are interested in what I have to say and connect with those who are into what I am into. You know, get a conversation going. If I could influence and relate to my audience enough that we could have a relationship outside of my blog, that would be awesome! But, this is only post number one, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Why Real Estate?

So, why real estate? Simple answer, it’s fun! I enjoy acquiring the properties and renovating them. The demo is the most fun part in my opinion.

The construction portion can be frustrating for me because it never really looks the way I want it to look. That’s why I hire professionals. It’s easy to say “hey, I like that!” or “no, do it again!” whereas if I do it myself, I just fo in the corner and suck my thumb or something.

Overall, the real estate, the acquisition, the renovation, the turning a product – an old or problem house – into something I would be happy to live in. That’s fun for me. And to do that, I started Greg Buys Houses in Pensacola, you can find out more at SellYourHouseToGreg.com.

The Future

So, what can you expect for future posts? If you have any topics that you’d like to know more about or if you want to see anything specific on this page, let me know in the comments down below! 

Anyway, that concludes this short, first post! A little talk about real estate here, a little talk about beer there. I’m going to link the Swamp Head Brewery website down below. You can probably find it if you’re in Florida, and you can most likely find it in any Publix. 

I’m gonna give them a good review – the Florida Peeler is delicious! The hops in it are what drive that sort of orange taste. It’s very citrus-y. 

That’s it! That’s the post! Until next time, stay safe and… I don’t know, learn a new dad joke or something. 


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